Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Back bending

The beginning of my practice was good. I had switched on the CD by Sharath. I take care of the right vinyasa count when I practice with this CD. I also hold some asanas longer than I would do without the CD.
Then the idea came up to take some pictures. This spoils a practice. It also helps. My eyes still go up to the sky when I do back bending, but dristi is the nose. The feet are together when doing dhanurasana. The knees were too far apart this is why I repeated this pose with a strap. It intensifies this asanas. These differences count. I even repeated this pose again and put the strap closer to the knees. But because of these bad quality pictures I spoiled my practice.
Next time I try to practice second series with the CD by Swenson. I've found such a CD here. I am curious.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great blog--I really enjoy your thoughts on your practice, as well as recording certain poses visually. Great job!

Ursula said...

Thank you Ondine.
Yesterday I thought I publish perhaps a bit too much, but your comment motivates me to go on like that. A picture says more than thousand words.