Friday, February 26, 2010

Ashtanga yoga - second phase

First phase:
I mention only the most important highlights: Of course I was busy to perform these demanding asanas in the beginning. But finally I realized the importance of the breath!!!! Important is also the attitude: Yoga is if you laugh despite everything, B used to say. My observance is that ambitious people are drawn to Ashtanga yoga, people who want challenges. To develop the attitude: "take it easy" and "have fun" can be even helpful.
Second phase:
The body work is more intensive, deeper levels of the body are touched. The breath becomes even more important, also the right vinyasa count. Precision is a word that comes into my mind. During summer M will be absent for 2 months. I plan therefore to go to an Iyengar class. They have the reputation to work precise, perhaps this complements and supports my Ashtanga yoga practice. This are the ideas now, but it will come all differently again, as usual. Let life flow, I think.

To leave the mat relaxed and full of the energy is the goal. If this happens, it was likely a good practice.


Anonymous said...

Hi There, I'm your new follower ... just starting blogging about my new yoga adventure which is Bikram. I do practice Ashtanga too n loves it ... since I can practice myself (I did a post on my blog recently). I plan certainly continue my practice of Ashtanga while practice Bikram.Loking forward to be yoga blog friends. Namaste

Ursula said...

Hi, thank you of course for following my blog. I wish you much fun with your own blog.

Sooner or later I think one makes a decision which yoga style fits best to oneself. Let it develop.

Much fun with yoga and blogging.

tanya said...

After learning and practicing Ashtanga yoga one can and should look over the good attributes and features of Iyengar yoga and mix it with your current study.In all liklihood you can develop a style of your own and can comment it on the Blog and your forthcomming book.After reading and seeing your photographs on the blog i do have improved in my practice and started getting new concept to do the asana

Ursula said...

Hi Tanya,
To be honest, I expected a comment from you. I thought that you'd appreciate it that I want to test Iyengar style.

Yes, it fills me with joy to hear that I can do soemthing good with my blog, that is so much fun for me,too.
Happy practices and Namaste

Next Tuesday I want to do some filming....