Monday, February 15, 2010

Another good practice

It is difficult to predict how the body will be. It was flexible again today. Doing it is all. I focus on myself, my breath, my asanas, my vinyasas during the Mysore class.
I wish we'd become more Ashtangis in Munich. Ashtanga yoga is also something for men.

This morning when I left the door, I met a neighbour. She must have realized that I was carrying a yoga mat in the black bag because she asked me if I practiced yoga. I agreed and quickly we were in a conversation. Since a year she is practicing Jivamukti yoga. She has heard nothing about Ashtanga yoga so far. This is what I experience here in Munich. Jivamukti yoga is rather known in the meantime, most people even yoga practitioners have heard nothing about Ashtanga yoga. Me too, I discovered it accidentally 6 years ago. Much later I discovered that it is cult. My neighbour wants to join us in March for a led class. Perhaps she likes it and another Ashtanga addict in spe is found. Who knows.

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