Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A yoga fair in Munich at M,O,C,

There is a yoga fair in Munich during the weekend (Sat and Sun). This shows me: the community of yoga practitioners is growing. It is possible to attend different yoga classes. I can imagine that a lot of stuff from books to yoga mats can be bought there, too.
On Saturday morning is an Ashtanga class with Arjuna, the man who created the famous page
Yes, this is my yoga class, the Ashtanga yoga class at 11 o'clock with Arjuna. I know all the other yoga styles. Re yoga I know what I want, it's Ashtanga.

For those who are interested:

Pleased to meet you there......:)


Debb said...

I just checked out the website and there I found Ashtanga yoga book recommendations. Which one of the recommended books would YOU recommend Ursula?

Hope your shoulder is healing....

Ursula said...

Hi Debb, I haven't found the book list:

I'd recommend for first and second series the book by Swenson and Matthew Sweeney.
For the second series only I recommend Gregor Maehle.
Perhaps Lino Mieles book also,yes, this one is good, too.
That's it. 1% theory....99%practice.
Shoulder is healing, but still does not allow me to do all poses.
Hope you are well.