Monday, January 04, 2010

Yeah up

Daily life in the new year has started. My heaters are on, my black coffee is ready, it's the second one.
I loved it to prepare a cup of coffee for myself.
Mothers usually are the Goddess of their kitchens. They don't allow others to mess up there anything. They prefer to serve others than to give away a bit of their power. But me too, I love to be active, to be the queen of a kitchen, my kitchen. I feel independent again. I could prepare the coffee exactly how I like it: strong. I didn't have to ask to get one or to get it stronger. It's nice to be pampered, yes, yes, yes, but I prefer to stand on my own feet. A perfect day has started. I feel full of energy.


Shelly said...

I like the idea that a day is perfect before it starts... Most people usually reflect on their day at the end, then making a judgment if it was bad/good, etc... your way is much more positive!

Have a wonderfully perfect day.

Ursula said...

Thank you Shelly, I wish you a wonderful, perfect day, too. :)