Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wow, on my Sunday "morning" yoga practice

It was a very exciting practice with many surprises.

After the standing asanas I added pincha mayurasana. I wanted to apply what I read yesterday. I put a strap around my upper arms to keep them straight. I also used a block between my hands to keep the distance. I went much further away from the wall as usual. And this makes the difference. Now I really have to go up with the right swing. And I managed to do it. I could also balance for a while. I found out that it is important to press the hand and lower arms to the floor and to lift the body up. The focus is more on the thumb. The next steps must be to repeat this and to go even a bit further away from the wall. Then I must try this pose without the strap and the block. Gregor Maehle suggests to measure the distance of the elbows like we do it when preparing for sirsasana (headstand). Oh, this was a success today. I give me 2 more months and I have it, let's say: at the end of March I can do this pose in the middle of the room?!

Marichyasana C and D: I forced me into this pose till I could reach my wrists. I am back to my Christmas-weight (2 kg too much). These poses become better or worse with the weight, it is so!!!

Kurmasana: The feet still do not come up, but also here I experienced progress.
I added some poses after supta kurmasana to prepare eka pada sirsasana (leg behind the head). I was inspired by Gregor Maehle. He suggests to lay on the back when taking the leg behind the head. The stretched leg points over the head. Important is to engage the abdomen. I managed it that way to keep my leg behind the head without holding it - this is huge progress. My head leaned against my head. This was really great. Nevertheless, progress comes slow, daily practice is the secret.....:)
(I know a picture says more than 1000 words, but to go too fast into this asana might cause an injury)

To jump through was difficult, it's OK, it's still volatile, but it develops.

I added hanumanasana (split pose): I want to be able to do this pose. To be able to split the legs is helpful in so many asanas.

Urdhva dhanurasana: I tried to drop back only to see if I was still able to do it. I can do it and my feet remained parallel on the mat. This is also progress. No way to come up......I'm working on it.....:)

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