Friday, January 29, 2010

Wine tasting this evening

I wanted to avoid it, but E so want me to accompany him and so I will go. It is not my first wine tasting evening, I am experienced. The first wines are the not so good ones, I will take tiniest gulps. Later the better and best wines are offered. As soon as I like a wine very much I will stick to it, I will exercise focus off the mat.
The language, yes that's what I like on these wine testing evenings: the talking about this white and red juice, this drug, that we like so much.

Darling, I will come and I will be on time as usual. I won't let you taste this poison alone, äh medicine, äh ok wines.


Anonymous said...

Oh and coffee will not help you get rid of your cold :(
Both are so bad for the immune system. Hope you keep it to a minimum cause who wants to miss a good wine tasting!

Ursula said...

So nice to see that you are caring for me. I will remember you this evening and I will take only tiniest gulps....:)