Friday, January 15, 2010

What would happen,....

What would happen, if I gave up practicing Ashtanga yoga?
Sooner or later I would have to start some sports, because it is very unhealthy not to move the body at all. It often comes even with illnesses. Perhaps I would have a few lazy years, but then I would have to start again with something. And every beginning is much more difficult than simply to go on.... I cannot avoid to move my body, to do some sports when I want to stay healthy and when I want to avoid that life aggravates with each year that I become older.
I will go on, to move the body comes with a certain portion of effort. I know to practice Ashtanga yoga is the best I can do for myself.

I go, also today. The weather shall not be an excuse not to leave the house. In one hour I'll be on the road to Ostbahnhof........

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