Friday, January 15, 2010

What makes a yoga practice easier?

An Ashtanga practice becomes easier
- in a warm room
- in the evening
- when the breath is used as a guide
- when I practice slowly
- when I don't go to my limits
- when I take some extra breaks, i.e. when in downward facing dog
- when practicing not correctly, i.e. not using the bandhas, not engaging the legs
- when I omit asanas and vinyasas
- when I am relaxed
- with music
- in a group of committed yogis and yoginis
- when well-rested
- with an empty stomach
- and usually a few kilos lighter
- with an opitimistic attitude
- visualization helps
- not to forget the supporting teachers
- a daily routine makes it easier to step on the mat
- after many years of practicing it

This was a brainstorming. Some points are surely a recommendation on days I feel weak, others not. There are endless ways to modify a practice.

I practiced slowly today (Mysore class). My back opens, it is an amazing feeling. I had focus and I engaged my muscles. The breath helped me......yeah, I feel good.

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