Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The vacuum that was created last summer starts filling in so many ways. Exciting ways, wonderful ways. Why am I so reluctant! Why do I not accept that the past is over. Why do I not say "yes" to all these exciting offers. It is not possible to look into the future while looking into the rear mirror. The past is over. Let go. Grgghhh. I should do some space clearing, a symbolic act. I am clinging, this is not good.


Debb said...

I love this comparison.. If we are looking at the past (in the rear view mirror) our future will surely crash... My MIL once cross stitched me a wall hanging that said "today is the first day of the rest of your life". At the time (30 years ago) I thought it a bit stupid.. huh??? But now, I get it... each day is a new fresh wonderful beginning, full of energy and hope.. I hope this year brings you contentment and harmony. You, especially, Ursula, deserve it!
Namaste, Debb

Ursula said...

Oh thank you my dear Debb,

Yes, a peaceful attitude to all the ups and down that will come up, this would be nice and this I wish everybody else, too.

Have a wonderful day!
Namaste, Ursula