Sunday, January 31, 2010

Up...... bf moved my body with his hand: "You wanted to get up."
This is true. And I am up now. Not that there is much to do, but I have to shower and pack the suitcase. The earlier we are at the station, the better. Every hour a train goes to the north. HH's birthday party is today. It's a cousin of E.
I won't travel with my PC and I won't travel with my yoga mat.
On Monday evening we'll be back.

HH, we love to come and celebrate your 60th birthday. :)


tanya said...

It is really encoraging to see the group of Y-8 doing yoga in the open air on the frozen Alster Lake in Hamburg.It is making news in our national dailies with the photo graphs.

Ursula said...

This is nice to read, as I haven't heard nor seen anything about it. But I do not watch TV so often.....:)