Thursday, January 14, 2010


I opened the curtain to look out. It is still dark but I could see that it must have snown again overnight. The roofs, the backyard trees and my bolcony are covered again with a fresh white blanket.

It is good that I got up early, even though I am tired. My sleep was much better this night. My hot bath surely helped to make the body tired. The hot bath was surely also relaxing for my shoulder. My very optimistic hope that my shoulder would be OK again after the hot bath didn't become true. Patient is necessary. Some poses teach us to respect them and to be patient.

Today I will practice modest. I am curious what will be possible. My shoulder injury also influences supta kurmasana. However. A lot can be done.
Time to write my journal.

I think it is important to learn the order of the asanas of the series!!!!!
I think also it is important to know the sanskrit names of the asanas. I do have to repeat them. I want to build the habit to think of the sanskrit name of an asana before doing the asana....:)

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