Monday, January 25, 2010

Up, that's all

Coffee shall help me to get into the day. Energy is still low. I just straightened my back. It's good to know that I cannot be too late. Whenever I appear in the Mysore class it is OK. I have the feeling as if I could sleep the entire morning. But who knows how long I will be able to go to these morning Mysore classes, I have to profit from them. How can a person be so tired after so many hours of sleep, I wonder. This is not good for the mood, too, but I don't give moods much meaning or much attention. What must come next, I wonder. I will have a small breakfast. Yes, I still have a banana here and soy yogurt. Then the shower. Deep breathing. I know it will be cold outside. It's Monday. Second series is on the schedule today. Breath by breath I will move my body from one asana to a vinyasa to the next asana. I will feel much better afterwards. I know this. :)

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