Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This was an extra day away from the mat

It shall be OK. Tomorrow I will go to the Mysore class again. I will practice with care (not only because of my aching pectoral muscles on the right side under my shoulder).
More important than the perfect performance of the asanas is to see that I can have focus. Focus is what I also need off the mat.

Usually when people want to know the differences between the different yoga styles and I want to answer only with a short sentence I say: Many yoga styles teach asanas (among other things) and to relax. Ashtanga yoga is work with energy. This is what Ashtanga yoga is for me (also): work with the available energy. Every body has a certain level of energy that can be spent. It is possible to direct this energy. To use it in an even relaxed way. This can be also applied off the mat.
I often think that I can be thankful for everything that provokes energy also if it is anger, disappointment. It is energy and it can be used in one way or the other. That is something that can be learned. Anger can be used for something positive, for work or whatever. (It was only an example, I don't feel angry)

A new Ashtangi likes to do Ashtanga yoga for spiritual reasons.......I recommended her Ramesh Balsekar and Advaita philosophy. I forgot to ask what it means to practice for spiritual reasons. I will do it next time.
For me Ashtanga yoga keeps the body healthy and the mind calm (I have this sentence from Gregor Maehle), but that's it.
Spirituality???? I don't know what this is.
Ah, my Ashtanga yoga is for my beloved body. In my case it seems as if the body learns faster than the mind. The mind is still very distracted.....
I'm looking forward to tomorrow.....Mysore class, to keep the body strong and flexible and to teach the mind to focus and to stay calm. :)

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