Thursday, January 14, 2010

This shall be enough yoga this morning

I did all the standing asanas and then I exercised pincha mayurasana. This pose seems to be reachable. I wanted to do it when I still feel powerful. First I exercised against the wall, but without block and strap. Then I used the block and the strap again, so that arms and hands get used to the correct position. There is the strong tendency that the hands drift together and the elbows drift apart from each other. This makes it more difficult to balance.

And then I played around a bit. I practiced hanumanasana and some forward bending with vinyasas. Finished.

This evening I will go to a led class. This shall be enough for today.

I took a picture to see if it makes sense to take pictures from an angle and not only from the side or frontal. I think it makes sense. Yes, I am shocked how round my back is. I must focus much more on the bandhas and stretching forward.

Mayurasana and the first series: It is so true: mayurasana (a second series asana) can be prepared when doing the first series as it is supposed to be. After kukutasana it can be exercised to jump back, padmasana must be opened, the weight of the body is on the arms. It seems to me to be a perfect preparation for mayurasana. (M told me this and like ever, he is right). I never exercised this exit. Now I really have to learn mayurasana from scratch and it is very hard......To be an autodidicat and most of the time I had to be one (in classes I also didn't learn to jump back after kukkutasana) has a lot of advantages, but also some disatvantages. I had simply no overview. This is past. Now I have to exercise this asana as difficult as it is. I won't complain.


Aman Merican said...

Hi Ursula, are you able to do the hanumasana perfectly? If so how long did it take you to master the posture. I find this to be a very challenging posture. Any tips?

Ursula said...

Hi Aman,
I exercise hanumanasana but I cannot do it perfectly.
First for me hanumanasna is one leg forward the other backward.
I use a block under my body. When I feel comfortably, I take blocks for my hands to give me support. I take care that my hips remain parallel, which is difficult. I'd say if one practices this pose daily in a year it can be done...:)
Have fun.