Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Super happy that I went....

...and not only because I got the new poses nakrasana (M and I were astonished how good I could do this crazy jumping) and vatayanasana.

Even with an injury (shoulder/pectoral muscle) it is better to practice than not to practice. My shoulder didn't allow me to do dwi pada sirsasana. I omitted it. Also yoga nidra was not possible. Instead I repeated eka pada sirsasana. The second time I leaned back (M's wonderful recommendation). This helps to keep the chest open, which is finally the goal. The second time the asana is always easier, it was amazing how much easier it was.
I cannot remember when I pulled the shoulder/pectoral muscle. M thinks that it will last 2 or 3 weeks. OK, I thought it would take longer to heal. It is part of it. Sometimes the body simply tells us: you want too much too quickly.

The attitude: I love to go to a Mysore class, also because I see my fellow Ashtangis. They serve as an mirror. Whatever we do we do it with an attitude. This morning i.e. I was indifferent perhaps even unwilling to leave the house. Attitude usually changes as soon as I am on the mat. Then I become ambitious, I'm happy when I have my best practice every and I do something for it. The attitude is part of every practice.
Away from judging, simply observing can help to make a practice more joyful. More play, less ambition can even improve the practice and the quality of life. With fun learning happens easier. Smiling while practicing, yes a good idea......:)
(This reads as if I am preaching.) (I fear this was a reminder for me that says: take it easy)

Time to take a nap, I'm tired.....


Debb said...

no preaching felt by me... just your observations... I like that - observe rather than judge...a fine line exists between the two.

Namaste, Ursula!

Ursula said...

Thank you Debb.
Buh, I slept as if I was dead....

I must have been tired.
Have a great day.
Today you go out to a yoga group, isn't it? Much fun. :)

Mike in London said...

Yoga is a healer as well as sometimes the way we get our injuries (I fell on my chin doing Mayurasana yesterday and have a bruise and a sore jaw to remind me how foolish I am) But reading your posts I'm reminded that sleep is a healer too. I hope you feel better soon.

Debb said...

Yes, I have a led Ashtanga class, with emphasis on inversions, shoulderstand, headstand, plough..I love Wednesday for the reason that I have a group Ashtanga class, nice of you to remember!
I send you energy towards healing of your shoulder..

Ursula said...

Hi Mike,
sorry of course that you fell on your chin. This is what I fear when I do this pose.

Nevertheless I think most of the time we can avoid injuries. The more advanced the less often injuries should happen, because we know our bodies better and better.

When practicing new poses, we use new muscles, then injuries might happen.....It is part of it.

Sometimes we must step back.
It makes me modest again. :)
Take care.

Ursula said...

Thank you Debb......:)