Monday, January 11, 2010

Sometimes it is the body, sometimes it is the mind..

Sometimes it is the body, sometimes it is the mind that is unwilling to practice. Today it was the mind: all the asanas, so many asanas to practice now, OMG, I thought, when I stepped on my mat. But each practice has a dynamic of its own. This sentence was soon forgotten and I did what has to be done.....
I practiced - the second half of the first and the second series till mayurasana....

I couldn't come up from laghu vajrasana. M: Be happy that you have done it and go on. To have done it is important, this is enough. Don't analyze.......Something like that he said. He has the right words for me.

For the discontent ones among us: I think it is important to practice "only" primary on Friday. Since I've started learning second series primary somehow feels easier. To have from time to time the feeling "yes that was good", is relaxing. Motivation soars, when this feeling comes up.

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