Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sleep is not good lately. It is difficult to sleep in. I cannot count how often I wake up in the night. I really estimate now what it means to sleep well.
To have been twice in a restaurant yesterday wasn't so good either. It will be a difficult practice this morning at the Mysore class. I feel it already now. I will go and do what is possible. It is easier to practice in a group than to practice alone.
Today is a new day, I must go back to healthier habits again....


Lars said...

May be a sign that you are in an overreaching state, that your practices are too demanding for the body (or even the mind).

Go back and take it easier.

Ursula said...

Hi Lars,
yes, yes, yes, the body has always right. A step back, take it easy, exactly this is the message.
I agree with you 100%.

Soon enough I will be able to do both legs behind the head, it seems to be within reach, much more than other poses.....:)