Friday, January 01, 2010

Primary today

It was not a morning practice. My yoga practice was perhaps the first relevant activity of this first day of the year, but it was already afternoon when I practiced.
To write that it was easy wouldn't be correct. It was not easy, it's difficult to tell why. Be modest I think. I could do all the asanas, I didn't omit a single one. To lift me up into urdhva dhanurasana needed all my persuasive power, but I did it. This is what counts at the end of the day. Not to give up.
I feel great now. Yes, of course. Wonderful it was, I think now. :)

What I write now may sound a bit unthankful, but it isn't. I appreciate everything that is done for me here. But I have enough of this sofa life. I want to be active again. Tomorrow it is planned to drive home, if the weather allows it. When it is snowing I fear we have to stay another day. I want to be in Munich now as soon as possible.


makkoho said...

Hi Ursula - Just wanted to let you know that I've featured your blog on my latest post - I also hope you don't mind that I used a snapshot of your blog header in the post - happy to remove it if you don't want it there.
Kind regards and happy new year!

Ursula said...

Hi makkoho,

Thank you for informing me.
Of course you can use the header in your blog.

Thank you for reading and happy New Year.