Friday, January 22, 2010

Primary becomes easier......

It seems as if primary becomes easier since I practice second series so intensively . No asana is perfect, this will never happen. All sorts of feelings come up when I practice. It goes from "how long do I exercise this asana and no progress at all", till "wow, that I am able to do this is great". I had flow, balance was there.
I added hanumanasana. My shoulder still does not allow me to do a deep supta kurmasana.
It is as it is and it is already better.

Yes, happy that I had such a nice practice.

I will have breakfast now (at 1:40 pm). During the day I will eat modestly. E invited me for dinner, it will be an Italian restaurant today.

Picture: marichyasana B - the direction: the chin is supposed to be on the floor not the front....

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