Monday, January 04, 2010

Parivrtta trikonasana

Difficult pose, difficult....
Important is that the hips remain parallel and this is so difficult to control. Somehow they always move. My right side seems to be much more in alignment than my left side. The position of the head is also a chapter of its own. The head turns as far as possible, but this is the only move.
Grgh, I have enough now with taking pictures. It spoilt my practice. Yes, I learned something at least. In this pose the feet are supposed to be spread so far so that the arms can build an even line when stretched out. So I've seen it in the book by Sweeney.


Tom said...

diese Asana ist bei mir immer extrem wackelig. In der Regel falle ich einmal aus der Pose heraus.

Ursula said...

Ich finde es schaut immmer alles einfach aus, ist es aber nicht.

Es hilft die Balance zu halten, wenn du die Beine anspannst und auch die bandhas. Der eine Arm zieht nach oben, irgendwie hilft das auch. Ich habe gute Balance, aber dennoch denke ich meine Hüften bleiben nicht parallel.
Gute Balance. :)