Thursday, January 28, 2010

An opportunity to exercise awareness

This morning I was so busy with chores, only basic chores. I made the bed, washed the dishes, ironed, put things at the right place, I put dirty clothes in the washing machine, I took my Armani coat to the dry cleaning shop and the garbage down to the backyard. Hours are gone now. Practice awareness, I thought. It is easy to practice awareness when doing these simple tasks. If only someone could observe me, I thought, it looks so beautifully when I do these chores. Hahahahaha. To write about it must be enough.
I got another job offer this morning (I've not heard anything about the last one, this seems to be past already). Let's see what will happen. This time it is a job in the luxury branch, unlimited. Nothing is unlimited, but I don't want to become spiritual. I stand with both legs on the floor, on the handmade carpet. Money must come in. It will motivate me to work on my other projects when I have a job. Life happens, everything is out of control.

The very next step to work on my tax declaration is to switch on the printer!!!! I have to print out invoices........
Yes, I feel ill, weak, but to move is good. I can take breaks, like now.
And I will do some sun salutations, pranayama if possible with my clocked nose and 10 min sitting exercise.


Hanu said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I like yours a lot - great pics! As soon as I can pursuade somebody to take photos of me practicing my asanas, I hope my blog will start to be as good-looking as yours. :)

Ursula said...

Hi Hanu,
a recommendation: don't wait till you find someone to take pictures. Start learning to use the self-timer with your camera. Most of my pictures are taken with the self-timer.
I'm not able to be in some poses in 10 or 20 sec. For these asanas I need someone. But otherwise, you can be rather independant.

Enjoy blogging and yoga. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.