Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On the middle part of the second series

The middle part of the second Ashtanga series builds strength in the upper body, so is my feeling. I could fold easily my arms as seen in the picture, it became more difficult and I blame the new strong muscles for it.

I worked on pincha mayurasana today: It IS better to be a bit more away from the wall. This pose has 3 challenges. First the arms and hands are supposed to have the correct position and they need to remain as placed. Then the pose becomes easier. Elbows are one under arm length away from each other (like in headstand and not further away), the under arms are parallel.
The second challenge is to swing up, without touching the wall. If the wall is too close it gives too much wrong security. The third challenge is to remain in the position. To breath correctly helps. I exercises this pose first with a strap around my upper arms and a block between my hands. Then I tried it to do it without this support. It is important to press the arms into the floor, especially the inner sides. The thumb plays an important role when balancing.

Pashasana is lost due to my 2 kg too much weight. And E has invited me for dinner this evening. Eka pada sirsasana was not possible today either. But I arched backwards.

Enough blogging: I could go on and on and on, but I have other things to do.........Really!!!!!!!!

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