Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh, I was prolific

The bank statements are the core of every accounting. And these bank statements are entered now. It kept me busy for 6 hours. Of course with this activity my tax declaration 2009 is not yet done. I will go on tomorrow. When I get up early I will have a lot of time for so many activities. Oh, I fell energy. Five prolific hours every day, this must be also doable for someone like me......

One thing I can already say: In 2009 I earned my money "only" as a freelancer. I can survive also when I'm not an employee. The last year was better than the year before, nevertheless I'd summarize it: not much money, but much fun. It's OK.

I will set the alarm clock for 6am.
It's time for my evening shower and soon time to go to bed. The morning starts the evening before.


Anna said...

Ursula I've always wondered why it seems that you have to do taxes all the time! Here, in England, if you are self-employed, you submit them once a year (deadline end of January).

Anna said...

PS. Forgot my second question - why do you have to enter bank statements?