Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nuitrition and movement belong together

I started lunch with a few green olives. The main course can be seen on the picture on the left side. I cooked bush beans (10 min). I poured fresh citron juice over it. Beside, you see 2 cocktail tomatoes, a few hearts of artichokes and a few tried tomatoes. Beside the plate is an olive bread.
I always like desserts, so I cut a banana and put a chocolate soy pudding over it.

Beverage: Earl grey.

I had a really delicious vegan lunch. Easy, quick and good.

Time to clean the kitchen. I will take a nap then. Yes. I enjoy my time.


Garp said...

To me this lunch for one really demonstrates awareness. Well done!
Sleep well.

Anna said...

Meagre and healthy - the path to longevity.