Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mysore class this morning.....

Wow, second series exhausts me. In the end I am no more able to do a chaturanga dandasana. I cannot hold my body anymore and I fall on my belly. Second series builds arm muscles.

Second series is deep forward bending and deep back bending.

Pincha mayurasana: I found out that it is easier to find balance when my first leg is up and the second leg follows when I have found balance already. To let the second leg follow a bit later really makes a difference. I know very advanced people go up with both legs at the same time. Today I managed it to go into the pose without touching the wall and I could remain in that pose for some breaths.
Sirsasana: I do not fold my hands anymore, I put one hand in the palm of the other hand. This makes it easier to open the hands when I want to lift myself up into pincha mayurasana from sirsasana. We learn krandavasana that way. First I go into sirsasana, then I fold my legs into padmasana, then I open my hands and I go up into pincha mayurasana with folded legs. My oh my. Give me 3 years and then I will be able to do karndavasana. Step by step, breath by breath I will approach this pose......:)

And afterwards I couldn't resist to stop at a restaurant to have some noodles there...

Next Mysore class will be on Monday.

Time to be prolific.........:)

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