Friday, January 08, 2010

Mysore class this morning shoos me out of bed

Yes, so it is. I will leave my home early today (after 8am). First series is on the schedule. It is good that yoga disciplines me. The thought comes up to stay in bed and to sleep and to sleep and to sleep. But I know how much fun I will have when I go. I have not yet met the yoginis in this new year. It's another reason to go out into the cold, dark world.
Yep, Mysore class this morning gives me the feeling as if I have a job, but a wonderful one.


Debb said...

You DO have a job... to keep the readers inspired... about yoga, eating right (light) and accepting that "Life happens"...

Ursula said...

Smiling, this is SO nice what you say. Sometimes I feel like that:
Yeah, I want to entertain you, yeah, I want to keep you inspired.

Live happens......