Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kapotasana in Jan 2010

M was so kind to take a picture of me doing kapotasana. Not that I could pose the hands where they are on my own. M put them on that place. And there is still a long way to go, a very long way till my hands can be put on my feet. The pictures help to see what can be done, what has to be done. The hips are supposed to go much more forward. What can help, I wonder, and I remember hanumanasana (split pose). Last but not least hanumanasana opens the hips, gravity helps to do this. Will my hands touch my feet within a year???? This will be the big surprise.
The elbow drift outwards. How to keep them parallel? Perhaps to work with a strap might help.
Second series, yes, challenging, challenging.....:)


Peaceloveyoga said...

You're well on your way! Good stuff!

Ursula said...

If YOU say this Laruga, then I can look optimisticaly in the future. :), at least what concerns kapotasana. hahahahaha

You are the best!!!!

Perhaps I can attend a class with you one day, this would be great. Sweden is not so far away.