Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kapotasana, I cannot believe it

I cannot believe, that not more is possible, but it is so. Grggghhhh.


Marie said...

These photos are very helpful.

Bah! Who cares if you are perfect? You are very advanced, and what's more, you enjoy yoga. What else is needed?


Ursula said...

You know, I have preseverence and in the long run all poses improve. Second series is a challenge....:)


tanya said...

you can further improve on your backbends if you practice in the similar manner if stand and do instead of kneeling down.the distance would reduce between the the legs and the hand and would be able to get better curve on the the top

Ursula said...

This is a very good idea Tanya. I will test and exercise it soon.....:)