Friday, January 22, 2010

Italian waiters, foreign languages and Merlot

They can live two decades here in Germany or even longer, but they never learn how to speak German correctly. I speak about the Italian waiters, perhaps this is true for all the Italians, I know I generalize here. E and I were at one of our favourite Italian restaurants this evening. The waiter that we know of course and he knows us, ushered us to a table. A bit later he brought us the menu and a bit later he approached our table again. I ordered as usual spaghetti tarrantina and a glass of red wine, a Merlot. I saw how this waiter smiled. This does not happen often. Usually when I see him I think of the sentence that I've read once: Don't teach people to be friendly, hire friendly people. And each time when I see him, I wonder why they have hired him. So today he smiled at me. I smiled back and then he corrected me: You mean "Merlot". He pronounced it with an open o and he pronounced the t. This is wrong, so incredible wrong and it sounds so funny. I smiled back a bit friendlier than before and said: "Yes, a Merlot, please." I pronounced Merlot exactly how he had corrected me. He left us and I cracked myself up. Darling I said: Now I know that this man cannot speak French either. This man made my evening, I was so entertained.
Yeah, too much food. The Italians have best food, but they have immense difficulties to learn any foreign language.
Of course it is allowed to laugh about my English. But I swear by my Ashtanga yoga: If I lived in England or the US for a decade I would speak better. I have spoken and Amen!!!

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