Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Indian restaurant this evening

E invited me to an Indian restaurant this evening. Of course I want to go. Why shall I renounce? I love to go out.
But to stay slim has priority.
How to behave? First I won't eat much anymore during the day. I want to feel hungry till the evening. I ate a slice of bread this morning with jam. After my yoga practice I had a banana with soy yogurt. This shall it be till the evening. In the restaurant, of course I eat something vegetarian as main course. I order no starter and I hope that I won't order dessert (but this I cannot promise, hahahaha). I eat the vegetables and not the rice or the bread. I leave food on the plate. When asked if everything was OK, I smile and I convince the waiter that everything was delicious, but I simply cannot eat that much. Thank you, I add usually.
We all get the same portions in restaurants. When tinier than the average person, or when I want to stay slim, I have to leave something on the plate.
And what do I drink: Best is to order water and not mango lassi i.e. Water is good when thirsty. I love to drink wine. This are the difficulties I face. Wine or water. Today it will be water!!!!
A good strategy how to behave in restaurants surely helps to stay slim.......


Bettina said...

Ursula, I don't understand why you are so obsessed with your weight. I mean you are in a weight range where you don't need to spend one single thought on it. It simply doesn't matter if there are two kilos more or less. A very good exercise in letting-go: Don't step on your scales for at least one week! :-)
I just have the feeling that you're causing yourself quite a lot stress with this topic - for nothing.

Ursula said...

Probably you are right.
The scales tell me what I aleady know and feel when I practice.

tanya said...

I think you lose more on the inches when you do regular practice and maintain your weight.The reason is that unwanted fat from the body is thrown out and the muscles and the bones develop and gain weight which in fact is good for general health don't you both agree on it.This my personal experience from my years of practice and confirmed by my teachers hence do not worry on silly matters.

Ursula said...

Yes, yes, everything true.