Saturday, January 30, 2010

I woke up without alarm clock

That's great. My day has started and it is still in the morning. I entered a clean kitchen to prepare my first cup of coffee for myself. But I feel still a bit slow (and sick). Time to write my journal to give the body still a bit of time to wake up and to become flexible before I step on the mat. I will practice today, it is OK to practice very modest. To start with a few sun salutations and to see then if it makes sense to go on with primary is surely a good idea. The body likes to be moved.

FB: Networking is something else than collecting facebook friends (perhaps I am wrong): One click a new friend is added, another click another friend is added. But what does this mean to have a huge list of friends without knowing anything about them. Those who cannot say at least "hi" before they can flip through my privat picture won't become my fb friends anymore. This is a rule, and there is no rule without exception: I add yogis and yoginis, women and handsome men without having met them anywhere (online meetings count,too) . And again I see how stupid it is to create a rule. Decisions come from alone when a decision needs to be done, also decisions happen. I like politeness, perhaps I am old-fashioned, I don't care.

Hatschi, hatschi, hatschi, grggghhhhhh.

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Ursula said...

Hi Ralph,
Of course we can become fb friends. It is better to send me your email address not "only" the name. Comment it on my blog, I won't publish it. Then I can be sure to invite you and not anybody else.
I didn't publish your last commment as you mentioned your full name.
So till then