Friday, January 15, 2010

I took a hot bath

I took a hot oil bath. I washed my hair with a new shampoo extra for blonde hair. And afterwards I didn't shower with cold water. Soon I see myself in bed sleeping. The hot bath relaxed me. Life cannot be understood, I thought.

My right shoulder still hurts. That's why I decided not to go to the workshop for advanced yoginis on Saturday. First the shoulder must be healed totally. Tomorrow is my yoga free day. Perhaps I do pranayama and meditation.

I reduced my goals for 2010:
2 figures are now in my mind: my weight and what I want to earn in 2010. That's clearness. All the other wishes like decluttering the home, learning French must simply happen. 2 goals are enough. Now I only have to plan how to accomplish it........:)
My reward: the trip to Goa in Jan 2011. Oh.

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