Monday, January 04, 2010

I don't look back

I bought my Filofax calender 2010 this afternoon. Half an hour ago I removed the old one. Quickly I went through the pages to see if I have to transfer some data to the new calender. Till the end of March 2010 I had signed the working contract of last year. I heard myself cursing, loud. My life was excellent also without that crazy job, I know, I know. But I need money, too. Don' look back, I admonished myself. New things will come, also when I do not know so far what it will be.
I must keep my spirits up.

Plan for tomorrow:
Up at six: journaling, Ashtanga yoga (second series, no photo session!!!)
Tomorrow I can start preparing my tax return 2009.
We need a shelf for books, this means I must go downtown.......(this might be too much already.)


Tax Inspector said...

Already? I'm pleased!

Ursula said...

You know, I get money back from our tax office as I haven't worked so much in the last year. I have also time now. I do not have to wait for the tax card from last employers as I worked as a freelancer. All this makes me want to do this tax return.....