Saturday, January 23, 2010

I better log out from my share depot- at least for this evening

Whyever, but today I checked my share depot. Everything was deep red. Not one black figure could be seen. I lost 50% of my money that I have invested in shares. I need another glass of red wine. I worked hard for the money that I had invested. It is simply a nightmare.

Have I learned something during the last decade? Yes. What I've learned was expensive.
1. Buy and sleep and when you wake up after decades you will be rich, how André Kostolany once recommended is no more true today. Live cycles of products, life time of companies are much more limited than in earlier times. Shares are short term investments, perhaps for a few years, but not for decades.
2. Never sleep, take care of what's going on. When I met E more than a decade ago I was so busy with kisses that I forgot my shares. This IS a mistake. A few kisses less can make a difference. I don't blame E. but myself. E made my life better. When money is invested in shares, it is important to take care of it to avoid the worst.

There are still some other points. Important is to realize I must manifest the loss, I must sell: I start with Cisco and China fashion first. On Monday. Damned. No, this is not a good evening.

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ajaykumar said...

Unless u need the money immediately, no point in selling out at this stage. its a cycle. the prices are bound to bounce back to the same, no to greater heights. so if you are into shares, first thing is not to have knee jerk reactions or make panic decisions. i have burnt my fingers, so now i can tell with experience, for whatever it is worth. regards. ajay.