Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to say it......

...without making finger pointing.

Often discussed in the community: When shall an Ashtangi student practice a new pose in the series? This question is often reason for emotional discussions. The perfectionists and traditionalists want a student to be able to perform an asana as indicated in the bibles before the next asana is given.
Swenson has a more modest approach: When a student is able to practice the poses one after the other (with a certain flow, without referring to books or DVDs) a new pose can be given. There is no perfect asana, modifications are allowed. People practice with different abilities and it might even be that some poses are never possible for some of us. Why not going on in a series when a student is able to practice one pose after the other according to his/her ability????? I agree with this approach 100%.

I think that Ashtangis should be able to remember the order of the asanas before they practice new ones. To ask the teacher after each and every pose: and what do I have to do next?????? is, yes what is it? I am somehow speechless about the discrepancy I observed of showing great ambition and the wish to get one pose after the other and to be too lazy or not finding the time or whatever to learn the order of the asanas.
I know from myself, that sometimes I was so confused with an asana so that I forgot how to go on. Sometimes concentration is not on the mat. I know what it means to be distracted. Sometimes adjustments are needed here, too and one has to ask how to go on in the series. It happens to everybody that an asana is forgotten. Sometimes it happened to me that I woke up in the middle of the night and I remembered that I had forgotten to practice an asana during a Mysore class. Over is over. But to see not the slightest effort to learn the order of the asanas is very strange to me. But perhaps I am wrong........Probably.......How can I know that no effort is put in learning the order????...... I am reflecting about my post......perhaps this post is not fair.
However: last time I was a bit astonished how often I heard: and what comes next?????

And what comes next???? This is also an important question for myself. How shall I go on with my life??? An unsolved issue? How much easier it is not to know the next asana. What will be my next life exercise???? Many questions, no answers so far.......


Marie said...

What comes next? The never-abating question. I'm so curious to see what comes next for you. I hope you'll find a situation that you truly enjoy.

(Are there many small businesses in Germany? yoga businesses? What about being a freelance bookkeeper or accountant or business consultant? Would something similar to that be an option?)

Hari Om!

Ursula said...

Dear Marie,

Thank you for giving me your ideas and for thinking for me.

Of course this is also a possibility. And I will probably do a combination of a few different activities. Small companies simply do not pay enough money for me and the situation is not better than it big ones. Small companies are often like families. No...., but thank you for sharing your ideas).....

I hope you are well?
Namaste and Hari Om.