Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feel the waves of your own ocean - the yoga fair

I know what I want when it gets down to yoga. I have focus. I am not distracted when I look left and right. It might all be wonderful helpful, it might make people happy and healthy all these astrology info and Ayurveda, these stones and angles, rainbow chairs and crystals.....

I went straight to the Ashtanga workshop with Arjuna ( ) when I arrived at the fair. I had brought my own yoga mat with me. On some of the mats that were on the floor were already bags to indicate that the mat is no more free. What a wonderful habit it is in India, I thought to leave the shoes in front of rooms. Everybody entered the yoga room with winter shoes. We changed our clothes next to our mats. I was there half an hour earlier. More than 100 people attended the workshop, what a potential. And then it was 11am. Arjuna chanted and finally we started with the sun salutation. We did many sun salutations A, perhaps 10 or more. I think it was a good strategy, because all these beginners wanted to get a feeling of the Ashtanga yoga system. It makes no sense to show the whole series. We had done the first surya namaskara B when a man opened the door. 90 min were already over and the next group should come in. What? Even Arjuna was not informed about this. I was glad that they changed the idea to stop the first group here. Who wanted to leave the room could do so, others could come in and take the empty places. The women to my right and my left left the room. New people came, they had to change the clothes on the mat. Quite a disturbance could be felt in the room. We started again with a few surya namaskara As. Between each standing asana we did again a surya namaskara A. Arjuna had everything under control. There was time for one sitting position and then we relaxed on the mat. I got a tender (I call soft adjustments tender) adjustment when we did one of the first suryas. All these surya namaskaras made me sweating.

There were so many yoginis/yogis at the fair, but I haven't seen one familiar face. Newcomers were everywhere. There seems to be a growing interest in yoga. But most give up after a while. It must be so.

Arjuna is a great teacher and what he performed on the stage looked really great. He reminded me a bit of my school teachers when I was still in school.

It was nice that I was there. My curiosity is satisfied.
Tomorrow my yoga week starts with primary. That's it!!!!!
And I am looking forward to the Mysore class with M on Monday morning. Yepeee...

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