Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Every person counts in Munich and NY

We are not so many people in the Mysore class. Some of us Ashtanga practitioners are still in India, Kovalam. Not everybody has the mornings available for practicing yoga, I know this.
The more it is important that I go. And I want to, because these morning Mysore classes are the best that is offered here. We must become more Ashtangis in Munich.
Second series for me today again, the last time during my yoga week. Tomorrow primary is again on the schedule.....:)

Slowly my weight goes down again. This is very good. Too slowly for me, but it shall be OK.
Breakfast today: a banana with soy yogurt and a few raisins and nuts. I need a bit of food, energy before this intensive practice.

Oh, something interesting is going on in New York........Free

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