Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The correct vinyasa count

I started with the CD by Sharath and this was a good idea. I realized that when I practice alone I need more time to get into an asana and some asanas I don't hold so long. With one breath one shall be in an asana. I can do this usually (I have the standing poses in mind), only when I do parivrtta parsva konasana (see picture) I take more breaths. Also when I role into this pose, it can be done with one breath. Yes, I've spoken. This shall be my focus next time: the correct vinyasa. To take pictures helps with the self-timer helps to get quickly into an asana. The cameras give me either 10 sec or 20 sec, this is rather less time......

I did also the closing sequence with the CD by Sharath. I realized I got stronger. It was the first time that I held sirsasana as long as counted. Only uttpluthih I stopped earlier.

The picture: To relax the face is so important. The front needn't show wrinkles. This is another focus.

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