Sunday, January 03, 2010

Back in Munich

We were lucky, the streets were snow free. In a rather short time (below 3 hours) we made it till Munich. My suitcases are unpacked already. I am glad that I am here again at my home, my villa motley. When I opened the door I smelled my oils, that were still hanging in the air. I felt comfortably at once. How I love to be here. I can move, I can do something. Yes, action.

Weight: Yeah, I put off all my clothes, inclusively all my jewellery (not so much) and then I stepped on my scales here. The result is much better than I thought it would be: 48 kg. It is OK, my ideal weight is 46. Two weeks of healthy and modest eating and I'll be back at 46. But this evening we eat out.

Next actions: I must pick up my book by Gregor Maehle at the next post station. I am so curious. I can't wait. I don't care that it is cold outside, I simply must get it - NOW.

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