Thursday, January 07, 2010

Back home

I walked in the cold for a rather long time. It was good.
A few things are done:
I have my pills.
I have a new shower head and new batteries for my meditation watch.

Picture: This pumpkin ravioli with white wine sauce were great for lunch. The cafe where I was was so full during lunch time, nevertheless the waiter had time to bring me a glass of water when she saw that I had a pill on the table. She was very attentive, I didn't ask for the water.

Time to care for my money. Am I courageous enough today to check my shares???
When I really manage it to start my tax return 2009 and when I really manage it to go the led yoga class this evening, I call this day a "good day". It is good for me to be prolific. Action!

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