Friday, January 29, 2010

At home again

Back home from the wine tasting evening: It was surely a nice relaxed evening. The wines were excellent. As expected, the best wines were offered at the end of the evening, but they were all good, much better than what is usually offered in the restaurants. We tasted 2 white wines and 6 red wines (OMG), which came from Turkey or Israel. E thinks I had not too much wine, but I wish it were less. I talked more than I drank. Hopefully this is true. I don't feel drunk at all - the evening was long. But I feel still ill. My nose is clogged, now I even cough a bit. I don't feel healthy, nothing to worry about, but to feel fit feels differently. Tomorrow I will sleep till I wake up without alarm clock and then I will practice yoga. On Sunday we will drive to the north of Germany by train. A cousin of E has his 60th birthday and we are invited and we must attend. On Monday we will get back to Munich. My yoga free day will be the Monday or Sunday or on both days.
Hatschi, hatschi, grggghhh this infection, I hate it......hatschi, hatschi.......
I took a magnesium for my muscles. This was surely a good idea and now go to bed and I will dream.......:)
E ordered 10 bottles, I love to cook meals to the red juice.


rhh said...

How much Mg did you take for your muscles? 400mg?

Ursula said...

Good that you draw my attention to it. We have different pills here. I fear I took only 60 mg yesterday, which is nothing. 400mg is in fact the recommended quantity. We have also pills here with 350 mg. I will stick to that now and I will take care of the info on the box.

Anna said...

I love hatschi! In English - atishoo!

Ursula said...

Thank you Anna,
These are the words which are difficult to find in a dictionary.
I also looked up the word "nießen" doing atishoo, but couldn't find a word. Cold is so general. It can be coughing also, but I only make atishoo all the time....hahahahhaha.