Friday, January 22, 2010 I wrote a few hours earlier:

The week is not yet over. It is an exception that I am at home on a Friday morning. Usually I practice yoga in a Mysore class. But this Friday I was at home because M (the yoga teacher) is travelling.
I got a phone call and I was asked to send my cv, I got a job offer for 3 months.
What shall happen, will happen. Please let it happen: money shall come in......:)

Time to step on my mat, time to practice primary with a bit of music in the background.
The CD by Sharath is too much for me today......:)
My black mat is already waiting for me.


tanya said...

do you have a yoga chair?it help to develop your spinal muscles and bones for all the complicated back bends and twists.

Ursula said...

Hi tanya,
No, I don't have such a yoga chair, but this could be a very good idea.

How do such yoga chairs look like?
And where to get one?

It can be possible that soon I will have to practice alone again...then it would be very helpful to have such a chair..

Anna said...

Oh, good luck with the possible job - although it might be another corporate prison!

Ursula said...

Yeah, I know, but limited for 3 months and I have some money them. This GIVES peace....:)

Debb said...

Congrats on possible job prospect! I hope it makes you happy and secure (you free spirit!)

Ursula said...

Dear Debb,
I have not yet had an interview and I am already glad that it is only for 3 months. But money must come in, too.
Somehow I am with both feet on the floor. It will give me energy to follow my other projects....:)

Eco Yoga said...

Congratulations on the job offer. Seems like a good thing that it's only for 3 months, that way you won't get stuck in the rat race forever and you can build up some money in the short term.

Ursula said...

Yes, I think so, I must be realistic. To earn some money cannot be wrong. This evening I got conscious that when I get that job I won't be able to the Mysore classes again. This would be very awful for me.

How it comes I will be thankful:
The job would mean some money
No job would mean I can go to the Mysore classes in the morning.
I am glad that I do not have to make a decision. I am so indredible relaxed. This is wonderful. Life happens. :)