Monday, January 18, 2010

Am I glad that I went

The yoga practice is divided into eight parts. Consciously I divide them into these parts. It helps me to stay motivated during my demanding practice. Part one is done, very good, I think. Then part two is done, very good, only 6 more parts and only 2 are demanding.........Between each part I give me a little break.

The first surya namaskara As form the first part. Nowadays I can accept that my body is stiff first. Often only the finger tips can touch the floor when I bow forward. The question comes up: How will my body be today. It is difficult to make predictions.
Part two are the surya namaskara Bs. Today I didn't take extra breaths between the suryas. I simply tried it and I could do it easily without coming out of breath. After the three surya namaskara Bs usually my flat hands touch the floor when I bow forward. The body is warm, I do not feel exhausted anymore, but slowly I start sweating.
The standing sequence are the part three: Sometimes I have balance, sometimes not. I am still fresh and have energy.
And then the filling of the "sandwich", the middle part, part four: Now be committed, I tell myself. Give energy to it. Especially when I am in a Mysore class and when I get help. I try to reach my limits and I try to go a bit further, with much attention of course. My shoulder reminds me to be attentive. Nothing can be forced. I try to remember to engage the needed muscles (legs, mula bandha, uddyjana bandha, perhaps arm muscles). I try to remember to relax the other parts of the body, especially the face.
Urdhva dhanurasana is perhaps an extra part, part five.
And then I can cool down. The poses that form the last part are a piece of cake for me, even though they can be done sloppy or with energy. This is part six.
Part seven is to relax, not easy for me. I looked around while in savasana. M said to me: This is the dead body pose, which made me laugh.
Part eight: Awareness off the mat goes on. Respecting the own body goes on. Respecting others goes on, too. Deep even breathing can go on, too, to relax the face too.

Am I glad that I went.

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