Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ah, my shoulder gives me some troubles

Primary today: My right shoulder is still not OK. It hurts. Marichyasana C and D were a nightmare and I couldn't hook my fingers when I did supta kurmasana. "Shit, shit", I think. Injuries mean not only no progress, they mean a step back. Is it already better, I wonder. Probably yes, but it is not really tangible.
I know already that tomorrow I won't be able to do dwi pada sirsasana. No way. I must heal first. The pain tells me exactly when to stop.

OK, I practiced, weak it was.
Tomorrow I can profit from the energy of the group and from M.
Either it goes up or it goes down. Today it went down the hill.

A juicy orange now for me......:)

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Aman Merican said...

Hi Ursula, I have the best remedy for your shoulder pain. Perform the half headstand with rhythmic breathing (short & forceful breaths in & out for about 20 sec) to flush the energy channels and promote blood circulation to the shoulders. It helps to relieve tension around the neck and shoulder region and increases the blood flow to the head leaving you calm and light headed. If you need instructions of how to perform the half headstand pls contact me by mail. I'm here to help & share the knowledge of yoga. Believe me after performing the half headstand on a daily basis you will never have problems related to the shoulders and neck unless there is an external cause..