Friday, January 29, 2010

Ah, an excellent practice with many surprises

Oh my, another serious picture of myself, but I feel great, fantastic, awesome.
My yoga practice had a lot of positive surprises for me. To jump through improved. I think that the exercises that I do to do bakasana B helps. And it helps that I exercise handstand. I loved how I floated through my hands.

I could hold the wrists in marichyasana B and C.
Kurmasana was difficult first. But I added some second series asanas that I do when I put my leg behind my head and then I repeated kurmasana. It was so much better then. I could stretch my legs, at least it felt so, but the feet didn't lift from the floor. Not yet. Next time.
Urdhva dhanursana: I dropped back. Feet were parallel on the mat. This is an improvement.
I did not many breaks, which was very good, because this creates flow and sweat.

And afterwards I added pranayama and meditation.
Meditation: Thoughts came up and disappeared. I heard the heater. Then pain in the leg was felt and disappeared. Hunger came up. I needn't run in the kitchen now, I thought. I won't die in the next 10 min only because I do not eat immediately. Hunger disappeared and a bit later I felt hunger again. Known thoughts appeared and disappeared. And finally my alarm clock told me: 10 min are over now. Breakfast time. Ha.


Anna said...

This photo shows you serious but relaxed! It's all in the body language - amazing that humans can discern that -- especially given that I don't know you :-)

Anna said...

Like your shawl a lot.