Thursday, January 07, 2010

6,8 billion animals, called "homo sapiens" live on that world

We are 6,8 billion animals ("homo sapiens") here on earth. In the meantime the data can be obsolete already. The data are from 2009 (wikepedia).
19,7 % live in China,
17,2 % in India,
4,5 % in the USA,
1,2 % in Germany (place Nr. 15)(but we become less and less).

And 2 of these animals, called "homo sapiens" get a postcard from me with New Year wishes for 2010. Handwritten. No, it is not yet too late...
I stopped at the "Pinakothek der Moderne" on my way home and I found a few wonderful postcards (drawings and paintings) by Max Ernst and Paul Klee. I bought more than I need. But for my blog I always need beautiful pictures.......:)

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