Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yoga on and off the mat

To have focus, to relax despite the effort (and pain) are skills I practice on the mat, but these skills can be applied in daily life, off the mat, too.
No single practice is like another one. There is always up and down. So it is in life. To know this, to observe this and to let go is simply wonderful. To judge is a habit of the mind, to observe without judging is often the better habit (and this last sentence implied judging again).

My body gets used to the new movements of the second series. Eka pada sirsasana gets better. I could relax today during my practice. Focus was the breath (as usual). And how is my breath now. Deep breathing can be practiced off the mat, too.

Time to take a nap. Then duties have to be done.

Consciousness is all there is. Everything is a story, nothing else. How relaxing is that thought.

The prison life can be made more comfortably, more beautifully. Nevertheless it remains a prison. Really freeing is to get out of the prison. It is to understand that life happens, that I am not the doer. How relaxing is that. For whom?

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