Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yes, I practiced

The body was so stiff, perhaps even sore and some muscles even overstretched. Is this possible?
New is that I feel my pectoral muscles when I do twists i.e. Perhaps it is good that I can only practice modest. I sweated a bit. This was the success today.
Pashasana was not at all possible. Finger tips didn't even touch.
To put the leg behind the head (eka pada sirsasana) was not possible either.
Accept what is, I thought.
Three times I lifted my body up into urdhva dhanurasana, three times I walked my hands a bit closer to my feet. This wasn't easy either.
Perhaps I was too long in bed, I just thought. This might have made the body stiffer as usual.

Most of us, except some workaholics, prefer to work less than more. But we give our bodies in form of food too much to digest (last but no least this is work for the body). To eat less is always a good recommendation. Less weight makes the practice easier. I don't think that I've gained weight. Nevertheless 2 kilos less would be good, very good. Stiff practices will also happen with 2 kilos less, this is part of the game.

We'll go out for a walk. Something must be organized for tomorrow. Perhaps we still get a seat in that Greek restaurant here. Let's see.......

Perhaps we have to stay here till the 2nd January. The weather report predicts snow and ice and cold temperatures for the next days. Sigh.

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