Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It's really warm inside and cold outside. I love it when the snow flakes come down. They only come a bit too early. :)
This evening I've finished my book by Paulo Coelho "Der Sieger bleibt allein" on the sofa. It was a Christmas present from E and I loved it. He knows me well, he knows that I love Cannes and movies and so the book had my full interest. E was watching TV "Troja" this evening.
As I travel always with a little library, I have still enough books with me. And I got another book present: "Everything matters" by Ronald R. Currie. But I think I will go on with the book by Albert Cohen "Die Schöne des Herrn".
Now we must plan something nice here for the last day of the year. For me it is an important day. Somehow, yes. I want to finish every year peacefully, with something nice to eat, perhaps with sitting for 30 min in a hot bath tub, playing with plastic ducks (hahahaha, of course not, just a little joke).
I plan, but life happens and often what is happening is not the same what I've planned. I got used to it and I take it with humor (sometimes). This insight is also a relief. The topic of the last year was: Accept what is, life happens, we are not the doer.


holistic health spa said...

I love the photos on this blog, thanks for the effort, namaste

Ursula said...

Thank you, it is a pleasure to take pictures. It is also true it takes a lot of time.
I enjoy it, if you enjoy it also, it's wonderful.....:)